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Trefloyne Manor


Trefloyne Manor is a 15th-century country manor situated in Ritec Valley, just outside Tenby. With

Location: Trefloyne Manor, Trefloyne Ln, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 842165

Tenby House


Located in the heart of Tenby and inside Tenby's historic town walls is Tenby House. This property

Location: Tenby House Hotel, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 842000

OYO Timothy's


OYO Timothy's is situated just outside the historic town wall of Tenby. Due to its location in the

Location: Saint Teresa's, South Parade, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 844963

Royal Lion Hotel


Royal Lion Hotel offers 21 guestrooms directly overlooking the north beach of Tenby. Due to its

Location: Royal Lion Hotel, High Street, Tenby, UKPhone: 01834 842127

Penally Abbey Hotel


Situated in Penally, a small village just outside Tenby is Penally Abbey Hotel. A tranquil beautiful

Location: Penally Abbey Hotel Ltd, Penally, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 843033

Pembroke Hotel


Pembroke Hotel has been run by the proprietor Maria for over 45 years. Since 1972 to be exact!

Location: Pembroke Hotel, Warren Street, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 843670

Park Hotel


Park Hotel is a 42 room hotel located within walking distance of Tenby's north beach and around a

Location: Park Hotel Tenby, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 842480

Panorama Hotel


Panorama Hotel is a family-run hotel that operated by proprietor Debbie Morris and directly

Location: The Panorama Hotel, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 844976

Myrtle House Hotel


Myrtle House Hotel is a charming property set in the streets of Tenby. Only a few minute's walk from

Location: Myrtle House Hotel, Saint Mary's Street, Tenby, UKPhone: 01834 842508

Marlborough House Hotel


Run by owners Peter and Suchada and located just 2-minutes walk from one of Tenby's beaches,

Location: Marlborough House Hotel, Southcliffe St, Tenby, UKWebsite: 01834 842961