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Folly Farm – Adventure Park & Zoo

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Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo started out as a diary farm that welcomed visitors to come and see the daily running of an active farm. Since then, it has grown to one of the leading visitor attractions in Wales.

Over 400,000 visitors a year walk through its entrance to take in all that it offers. It’s not just cows, sheep and donkeys that you will see. In recent years, they’ve invested millions to bring in animals like penguins, rhinos, giraffes and more recently; lions. An indoor vintage fairground featuring 17 rides adds an extra layer of fun, with only a small additional charge for each ride.

During the busier periods of the year, the indoor 700-seat 'Follies Theatre' holds numerous concerts and events such as magician shows.


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Are dogs allowed?

For the welfare of the animals, dogs are not allowed. There is an exception for assistance dogs as long as they have up-to-date vaccinations.

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