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Royal Lion Hotel offers 21 guestrooms directly overlooking the north beach of Tenby. Due to its location, you can actually walk down to the North Beach in around a minute or so, and to the harbour beach in around 6 minutes. Pets are allowed.

A full breakfast is offered free to all guests, along with free WiFi. A hotel bar serves up all the refreshing drinks you would expect.

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    Reviewed on 2 September 2021
    Disgusting, must be shut down , dangerous to enter, owners have ignored all statuary laws, electrical appliances two years out of date for safety checks, Fire risk extinguishers out of date no instruction of how to escape if a fire, filthy throughout has never been cleaned, rude indifferent staff some of whom one cannot understand, carpets stained and have many threadbare patches, tape used to repair, broken bathrooms, hot water inconsistent, Beds circa 1935 ? broken and very old mattresses with springs trying to escape and badly stained.

    Prewar furniture never been cleaned one can write in the dust how you feel about the Doss House hovel. Grossly overpriced, money taken before you see the room allocated, no refunds ever, In room given only one electrical socket thus no bed side lamps or place to boil a kettle, broken windows, doors etc, no full breakfast just a paper bag left outside door with a cheap yogurt but no spoon, butter but no knife or anything to spread it on, badly bruised inedible apples etc.

    Looks like an abandoned building from outside, very few staff with receptionist also trying to run the pub adjoining! Still being recommended by the likes of See nearly 500 complaints on trip advisor. Local authority have started to investigate in July 2021 having issued some desperate improvement notices but not yet started to cover Health and Safety of which there is none or issued a closure notice which must be done ASAP Best to be demolished now for the public’s safety.


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    Address: Royal Lion Hotel, High Street, Tenby, UK
    Phone: 01834 842127Call Now
    Address: Royal Lion Hotel, High Street, Tenby, UK
    Phone: 01834 842127Call Now